What You Need to Know About AIS

At Bingham & Taylor, we don't just comply with the American Iron and Steel (AIS) provision; we champion it. As a proud participant in the USDA Rural Utilities Service (RUS) Water and Environmental Programs (WEP), our alignment with the AIS provision is a testament to our unwavering commitment to bolstering American industry.

Our Pledge to American Manufacturing

In every project we undertake, Bingham & Taylor stands as a beacon of American manufacturing excellence. The AIS mandate, which requires the use of U.S.-made iron and steel in water and waste infrastructure projects, resonates with our ethos. We ensure that our contributions to these critical sectors do more than just meet federal mandates; they reinforce our nation's economy and fortify our infrastructure.

Understanding AIS: More Than a Requirement

The AIS requirement, born from the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2017, is not just a legal obligation for us—it's a commitment we proudly uphold. It spans construction, alteration, maintenance, or repair of water and waste infrastructure, echoing our dedication to American craftsmanship.

Legal Foundations and Our Alignment

Our adherence to the AIS provision is guided by the robust legal framework established by the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2017 and fortified by Executive Order 14005 of January 2021. These directives are not mere guidelines for us; they are the principles that shape our mission to support domestic manufacturing and national economic growth.

Navigating the Waiver Process with Expertise

Understanding the nuances of the AIS waiver process is crucial for our operations. Whether it's public interest considerations, availability of U.S.-made products, or cost implications, Bingham & Taylor remains adept at navigating these waters. Our approach ensures full compliance while maintaining project efficiency and effectiveness.

Practical Flexibility: The De Minimis Waiver

Our commitment to AIS compliance is balanced with practical flexibility, as seen in our use of the de minimis waiver. This allows us to manage minor, incidental items in our projects without compromising the core ethos of American-made quality.

Open Dialogue for Compliance and Transparency

Bingham & Taylor believes in open communication regarding AIS requirements. We actively engage with the Water and Environmental Programs (WEP) for any inquiries or comments. Moreover, we champion transparency and accountability by ensuring any concerns related to AIS are reported to the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

Our Pledge to American Industry

Bingham & Taylor's dedication to the AIS provision is not just about compliance; it's about setting the gold standard in our industry. We encourage our partners and peers to join us in this commitment, fostering a stronger American manufacturing sector and contributing to the nation's economic and infrastructural strength.

In every fiber of our work, Bingham & Taylor embodies the spirit of American industry – committed, compliant, and leading the way in quality and integrity.