Tri-Skirt Lids

Hear from Matt Haan about B&T's Tri-Skirt Lids. Utility lid pop-outs can cause damage to vehicles and safety hazards that result in liability claims that can cost your utility valuable dollars. Tri-Skirt lids reduce the risk of pop out with a heavy weight and a tapered 4" skirt.



With the infrastructure growing, you have a lot of road widening that ends up putting these water lines that used to be on the side of the road. Now in the road.

Using a lightweight lid, that high traffic or heavy traffic causes that thing to vibrate and pop out. It causes damage to your vehicles, to the undercarriage of your car. It could pop out and hit somebody walking on the side of the road.

One of our current customers is Orange County Utilities down in Orlando, Florida. They asked if we had any kind of solutions to this problem, and it was a perfect introduction to the Bingham and Taylor Trescott lid.

This lid is designed specifically for high-traffic areas. The lid itself weighs £22. It has a four-inch skirt on it that has a tapered fit to it, and that tapered skirt is designed to fit in any valve box to prohibit that lid from popping out at an angle or popping out altogether. The only way for that valve box lid to come out is if you manually lift it straight up and down.