An Octagonal Solution for the City of Cape Coral

The City of Cape Coral was embarking on a sizeable AIS-funded project and had a need for a heavy-duty screw-type top section for their octagonal valve box lids.

bing-octogon valve box


The octagonal lids allow the city to quickly and safely distinguish irrigation water from wastewater and water. Bingham and Taylor met with Cape Coral’s engineers to understand their needs and end goals.


“Although at the time Bingham & Taylor was not manufacturing octagonal valve boxes, they produced a drawing in a couple of weeks and not long after delivered a casting to us for testing,” explains Marty Mantell, Senior Project Manager for the City of Cape Coral Utilities Department. “We were impressed with the quality of the product and the responsiveness to our particular needs.”

B&T was able to produce a heavy-duty screw-type top section for octagonal lids in Cape Coral’s reclaimed water access boxes that was compatible with existing valve box bottom sections.

Custom round water and wastewater lids were also designed to reflect Cape Coral’s specifications, and all three specifications helped distinguish Cape Coral’s utilities.