Bison Curb Boxes & Valve Boxes

Introducing our new line of Bison Curb Boxes and Valve Boxes! Learn about new features and how easy the box is to install in this new video.



Introducing the new Bison Curb Boxes and Valve Boxes from Bingham and Taylor.

Made from thick-walled plastic. Bison boxes are a cost-effective and durable alternative to existing cast iron and plastic products on the market.

Weighing less than 25% of a cast iron box, our 2.5in curb boxes and 5.25in valve boxes are incredibly easy to install.

Place the bottom section of the box on top of your underground valve. Begin to fill the hole with backfill and hand tamp.

Then place the top section rim and lid on the valve box to keep any debris from entering the box.

Continue to fill with backfill and hand tamp to the desired height, compacting as you go.

For installation in pavement, clear the dirt from the edge of the rim to ensure the rim is fully embedded in the asphalt.

Apply the asphalt and pavement around the rim of the valve box.

You'll quickly notice after installation that the white interior of the bison box drastically improves your ability to see and operate your underground valve.

Bison components can easily be used in combination with cast iron or other plastic products to create a custom access box for your specifications, custom lid, lettering, and designs available. Contact us for a full range of configuration options.

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