Celebrating 175 Years of Bingham & Taylor

In 2024, Bingham & Taylor marks a significant milestone: 175 years of pioneering in the natural gas and water sectors. Founded in 1849 by Robert M. Bingham, our commitment to quality and innovation has driven us from a startup to an industry leader. This journey, rooted in dedication, strategic vision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, defines our progress.

As we honor this 175-year legacy, we encourage reflection on a blend of tradition and forward-thinking. Our investments in technology, focus on employee well-being, and community engagement shape a more inclusive future, showcasing our leadership in the industry. As a women-owned business, Bingham & Taylor embodies the power of merging deep industry knowledge with modern innovation, honoring our past as we forge ahead.

The Evolution of Leadership and Ownership

Bingham & Taylor's leadership story revolves around evolution and empowerment, marked by key milestones in our corporate journey. In 2005, a significant shift occurred with the transition to 51% female ownership. By 2021, Laura Grondin took over 100% ownership, ushering in a new era for our women-owned company in the natural gas and water sector.

Grondin's impact goes beyond typical corporate boundaries, focusing on driving business growth, community welfare, and environmental stewardship. She actively serves on over 50 local boards, highlighting a strong dedication to philanthropy and positive change. As the leader of Bingham & Taylor, she prioritizes corporate responsibility by backing various local and national initiatives.

Grondin's mentorship has played a pivotal role in our achievements, positioning us as a leading advocate for a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive future, championing eco-conscious initiatives like the construction of the electric melt furnace in Culpeper. With her invaluable guidance and the collective effort of our team, Bingham & Taylor now serves as a prime example of how businesses can drive significant change by emphasizing environmental responsibility.

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

Bingham & Taylor has a long history dedicated to excellence and ingenuity, shaping our journey through time with smart investments and key milestones that highlight our leading role in the natural gas and water industry. At the heart of our legacy is the introduction of electric melt furnaces, a significant move demonstrating our focus on environmental sustainability and improved production efficiency.

Opting to invest in electric melt furnaces marked a significant advancement for Bingham & Taylor. This decision was motivated by a vision to diminish our production processes' environmental footprint and harmonize with worldwide sustainability initiatives. By opting for electric melt furnaces, we provide a cleaner, more energy-efficient option than traditional methods, cutting emissions and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our dedication goes beyond daily operations to participating in national infrastructure projects. One major effort centers on elevating drinking water standards by upgrading outdated pipelines across the U.S. Tapping into Bingham & Taylor's expertise is vital for this endeavor under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). Spanning over two decades with a budget surpassing $625 billion, this initiative underscores our commitment to providing clean, safe water to communities nationwide.

Culture and Employee Well-being

At the heart of Bingham & Taylor's enduring success is a culture that profoundly emphasizes employee well-being and creates a supportive work environment. This ethos recognizes that our strength lies not just in our technological advancements or strategic investments but in the people who bring these achievements to life.

Employees at Bingham & Taylor are valued as essential community members, where mutual respect, collaboration, and a vision of quality and reliability thrive. Our commitment to employees is shown through policies promoting work-life balance, professional growth, and a sense of belonging. We invest in well-being and career development, creating an environment for personal and professional success.

This emphasis on employee well-being has cultivated a loyal workforce, passionate about their roles and committed to the company's vision.

Expansion and Future Vision

Bingham & Taylor's growth involves strategic expansions that strengthen our leadership in the natural gas and water sector. Key milestones include opening a new facility in Fredericksburg, Virginia in 2016 and investments and upgrades in the Culpeper foundry.

The Fredericksburg facility boosts our operational capacity and technological strength, meeting the growing demand for our American-made products. Meanwhile, upgrades at the Culpeper foundry, completed in October 2023, enhance our production capabilities, including new electric-melt system technology for increased efficiency.

As President and CEO, Grondin presents an optimistic and ambitious vision for the company's next steps: "As we celebrate 175 years in 2024, our vision for the future is one of continuous progress. The expansion and upgrades at our Culpeper foundry, along with the introduction of our new electric melt system, have already resulted in an increase in professional jobs and a significant boost in production capacity. This is just the beginning."

Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future at Bingham & Taylor

Our 175th anniversary signifies more than just longevity; it honors Bingham & Taylor's pioneering spirit, dedication to nurturing talent, and positive impact on the communities we serve. Our success is attributed to our devoted team and the supportive partners whose commitment, creativity, and collaboration have shaped our legacy, guiding us to lead with excellence.

We thank everyone who has been part of our journey, from our employees to our partners and customers. Your trust and inspiration drive us forward. Looking ahead, we're dedicated to pushing boundaries, guided by our core principles and a vision of sustainable progress.

Join us in celebrating this milestone and learn more about Bingham & Taylor's story, values, and vision at bandt-us.com